// #WTF16 //


I don’t even know where or how to start.

I went to We The Fest on weekends. Yes, for 2 days. And I was soaking wet for those days because it was raining so hard. There was lightning. The ground was so muddy and disgusting. Audience > shelters. It was irritating.


Despite the bad weather and the overprice food++++, it was so fucking awesome. WTF gave the best kind of festival I could actually dream of. Maybe not the venue, I wish it had more grass and looked “greener” but HEY IT WAS ACTUALLY OKAY AND COOL. WTF wasn’t a music festival I can say, it was an art festival. There were art exhibitions, music, and also cooking shows. Some people from the crew also dressed up as something. Someone was using the horse mask thing and it was so hilarious. There was Pikachu too!! So kawaii!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Day 1 with Mila & Sasha
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Day 2 with Anissa

Honestly, what I really wanted to see was only Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Temper Trap, & the 1975. Also Mark Ronson actually, but well not really. I never heard the rest of them, except for the local bands which I’m not really into. Because I was with my friends, hence, I saw the other performers. Rich Chigga, Sam Feldt, Purity Ring (for a moment). Also Breakbot on the second day.

As I said, I’m not into local bands, but asdfghjklzdc tHEY WERE SO GOOD! Dried Cassava & Sheila On 7 was good. Sadly it was quiet for Dried Cassava because their show was one of the first shows on the second day. Oh, my fave was NAIF! Surprisingly that their songs are my fave Indonesian songs! HAHAHA I know, shame on me. I can say they’re old but they still play so gooood, so fucking pleasing


How about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? The Temper Trap? and the 1975 especially?

No. I won’t describe it. So difficult when you end up getting PCD (post-concert depression).

Anyway, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was on day 1 and I had no struggles cause I was fine just to see them from far away. We originally went to WTF in a group of 9, but it was just the 5 of us who saw them, but then we got separate and I was just with my concert buddy, Mila. We didn’t watch the whole show because we were too tired. The things that we actually wanna see was only them singing Thrift Shop, Same Love, and Can’t Hold Us. I know, shame on me again. But the performance was so amazing, Macklemore was funny. He made up some stories that were related the songs he was going to sing.

The other two? I’m just gonna leave it hanging for you guys. What happened basically was:

  1. Waited since 4 o’clock for them (there was Naif, Sheila On 7, and Breakbot),
  2. Hence, got separated from the group again. I was just with Asya,
  3. Also soaking like hell,
  4. Couldn’t stop being shaky since The Temper Trap,
  5. Cried on “Somebody Else” and almost on “Sex” and “A Change of Heart” too,
  6. Almost broke my phone and camera,
  7. and PCD happened.


the 1975 #WTF16

p.s.: Here’s a picture of the only person who is pleasing when he smokes.

Matty Healy


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