// Jazz Gunung //

So, I had intended to write about ‘Jazz Gunung’ right after the event. I’ve written the first paragraph and had saved it as draft. But when I was about to finish it, the draft had gone amiss and I was busy for school (with an added point of procrastination).

Ring of Fire Project feat. Bonita & Ricad Hutapea on Day 1

Last August, on the 19th to be exact, I took a flight with my family to Surabaya, The City of Heroes. The main event isn’t in Surabaya, it’s in Bromo, at one of the mountains nearby Surabaya and Malang. Both cities are located in East Java Province.

As stated in the title, we went to a show named ‘Jazz Gunung’. The word ‘Gunung’ itself means mountain, so yes! We enjoyed some jazz at the mountain and this year it was at Bromo! Well, not exactly in front of it, but it was bordering on the Bromo mesa. It would’ve been dangerous if it was held in front of Bromo since the mount is still active might erupt anytime.

The show, event, concert, or whatever, gave me a whole new experience. It was leagues different from We The Fest for sure. Everythung starting from it’s location, the music genre, the audience that attended, and I also dressed another way. Back at WTF, I wore shorts and crop-tops because it was so hot even though it rained near the end. But there, I dressed like it was winter! And yes, it was frosty. The lowest temperature was a glacial 10℃ and I was freezing.

‘Jazz Gunung’ was a 2-day-show, and yes I did watch it for 2 days. On each day, they had different acts and different talent. But there was this one group, that in my eyes set itself apart from the others, named Ring of Fire Project featuring Bonita and Ricad Hutapea, which had performed for 2 days. And because the event started 2 days after the Indonesia n Independence day, they sang some of Indonesia’s national songs.

Most of the performers were from Indonesia. Like Shaggy Dog, Ermy Kullit, The Groove, Dwiki Dharmawan and more. But there was a group of Jazz musicians from Spain called Ian Scionti Trio. They performed only on the first day, but they stayed as long as we did! And it was an amazing that I got a chance to take a picture with them after they performed.

The Groove on Day 2

Despite the cold weather, all the artists performed very well and interacted with the audience to make them stay active and move so they wouldn’t freeze. It was a great experience  even though I’m not into jazz that much.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Mother & I with Ian Scionti Trio

p.s.: thank you to my friend, Badra, who helped me for grammar and suggestion and everything else. and also the person who I abandoned to face the debate alone 🙂


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