// First Roll with Lomo’Instant //

I’ve been using instax/polaroid since I was twelve and I always bring my hello kitty instax whenever I travel (except when I can’t afford to buy the refill/pack). I could define my love with instant photography is an eternal love.

As it got older, my instax didn’t work as well as it was and it had been repaired more than I could even remember. At the same time, Lomography released their lomo’instant camera that uses Fujifilm’s instax film. So, I was thinking, maybe it is the time for to get a change.

I did buy the lomo’instant on March, the Mumbai edition that came with the lenses and it was on sale (which was great!). The lenses are fisheye, portrait, and close-up. Also, the 4-color jelly filter that goes to the flash.

I thought it would be as easy as it seems but I failed a lot more than I succeeded. I once forgot to open the lens cap so yeah you know what happened. Often I didn’t know which mode should I use to get a good result. Yes, I recommend y’all to read the manual book 🙂 But here are some of the results from my first trial with lomo’instant.

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Will You Have This Dance?

Recently I made a playlist called ‘Will You Have This Dance?’ on spotify. This playlist consists songs that I will always dance to alone, or in groups. It can be a group of friends or family. Also, some song that I would like to dance with my dance partner, if I had one. I may add some more songs, but at the moment please do enjoy!! ❤


// Behind the Art, Behind the Writings //

Hello! I’ve been off for a while because it has been quite hectic the past few weeks. There’s this event a while ago that I attended that I feel to write right now.


Back on 28th of August,  I went to an exhibition at Komunitas Salihara, Pasar Minggu, by one of the local artists who is also an entrepreneur, Melissa Sunjaya. She’s the owner of a brand called ‘Tulisan’. This exhibition was a tribute to Indonesia’s favorite poet, Chairil Anwar, and it was called ‘Bio-Fantasy: A Tribute to Chairil Anwar by Melissa Sunjaya’.

Every inch artwork inside the exhibition was by her. She wrote on how she felt about Chairil Anwar and his works. What’s interesting was that she wrote it on plywood walls, consisting research about his works also her works to find the relation. Melissa also made illustrations for 5 of Chairil’s poetry, which one of them was the famous ‘Aku’ poetry. Her artistic handwriting really supported her work which made it more interesting and pleasing.

The highlight of the event was that behind her work of art, through a red film lens, we can see a line from Chairil’s poetry. There was 75 abstracts work by her that has lines from every single poetry by him. It was a very pleasing and interesting way of holding an exhibition or a tribute.


you can check out more photos on my vsco


// 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix //

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Knowing that Halsey and Imagine Dragons were going to Singapore for F1 Grand Prix as the opening and the closing acts of the race on September 18th, 2016, I was super excited. I was trembling and prayed so hard cause I need to ask my parents permission and take a look at my school schedule whether or not there was something important on those weeks. Luckily, I didn’t and my parents said yes! So I booked the flight and hotel for one night. And of course, bought the tickets for the show.

On Sunday, I took a morning flight with my family to Singapore. As we arrived, we directly took a ride with MRT to our hotel which was around Bugis to check in. After we checked in, we went to Raffles City to pick up our tickets and have lunch. Then we took a stroll for a little while and swiftly returned to the hotel to shower and change.

The gate had opened at 3 o’clock, there were several people who were lining up before time. I entered the gate around 5 and it was kinda crowded. I watched the test drive for a while then I went directly to Padang stage, where Halsey and Imagine Dragons performing. Since then, I separated myself from my family. I was nearby the stage, like so close, while they preferred to stay on the back.

Halsey started performing after 6:30 p.m. and it was so fucking lit! She opened it with Gasoline and ended with Colors. She told the audience that she was very excited too. Why? Because at one time she had only been an opening act for Imagine Dragons, but now she can perform with them as equals. What was shocking was that she sang The Feeling!! I knew that she might sing at least one song which she featured in, like Closer (she sang that too!), but I wasn’t expecting The Feeling (I almost cried but I couldn’t lol). There were fire, smoke, and everything. Her performance just crossed one of my bucket lists. Can’t describe everything because I had another pcd.

Halsey, 2016.

Her show was ended at 7:30. I met up with my family and had dinner. While I waited for Imagine Dragons, I stayed with my family and watched the F1 race for a while. I actually spend most of the time resting cause I’m not that into F1. It was a great experience though, to watch F1 live.

Around 9, we went back to Padang stage. I went nearby the stage again but with my brother this time. It was crowded than Halsey, it was so dense. But it was worth it, like hell yes.

Imagine Dragons, 2016.

Their show was starting above 10:30 and lasted for 2 hours. My brother left me alone in the middle of the show because his back hurts. Despite being alone in such a dense environment, it was actually relaxing. What attracted the most was that Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, acted very humble with the audience. He got off the stage twice. He also invited a kid to came up to stage with him and stayed for a while! The moment they sang It’s Time and Demons…… also Hopeless Opus….. god, I couldn’t describe it. All the lightings and effects, smoke and fire were great. Man, it was one of the best days of my life.

Dan Reynolds, 2016.

If y’all wondering how I handle my pcd is that I can’t. I keep playing their songs on repeat and looking the videos several times. I’m not even done with my pcd after WTF and now I’m stricken by another one.


// Jazz Gunung //

So, I had intended to write about ‘Jazz Gunung’ right after the event. I’ve written the first paragraph and had saved it as draft. But when I was about to finish it, the draft had gone amiss and I was busy for school (with an added point of procrastination).

Ring of Fire Project feat. Bonita & Ricad Hutapea on Day 1

Last August, on the 19th to be exact, I took a flight with my family to Surabaya, The City of Heroes. The main event isn’t in Surabaya, it’s in Bromo, at one of the mountains nearby Surabaya and Malang. Both cities are located in East Java Province.

As stated in the title, we went to a show named ‘Jazz Gunung’. The word ‘Gunung’ itself means mountain, so yes! We enjoyed some jazz at the mountain and this year it was at Bromo! Well, not exactly in front of it, but it was bordering on the Bromo mesa. It would’ve been dangerous if it was held in front of Bromo since the mount is still active might erupt anytime.

The show, event, concert, or whatever, gave me a whole new experience. It was leagues different from We The Fest for sure. Everythung starting from it’s location, the music genre, the audience that attended, and I also dressed another way. Back at WTF, I wore shorts and crop-tops because it was so hot even though it rained near the end. But there, I dressed like it was winter! And yes, it was frosty. The lowest temperature was a glacial 10℃ and I was freezing.

‘Jazz Gunung’ was a 2-day-show, and yes I did watch it for 2 days. On each day, they had different acts and different talent. But there was this one group, that in my eyes set itself apart from the others, named Ring of Fire Project featuring Bonita and Ricad Hutapea, which had performed for 2 days. And because the event started 2 days after the Indonesia n Independence day, they sang some of Indonesia’s national songs.

Most of the performers were from Indonesia. Like Shaggy Dog, Ermy Kullit, The Groove, Dwiki Dharmawan and more. But there was a group of Jazz musicians from Spain called Ian Scionti Trio. They performed only on the first day, but they stayed as long as we did! And it was an amazing that I got a chance to take a picture with them after they performed.

The Groove on Day 2

Despite the cold weather, all the artists performed very well and interacted with the audience to make them stay active and move so they wouldn’t freeze. It was a great experience  even though I’m not into jazz that much.

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Mother & I with Ian Scionti Trio

p.s.: thank you to my friend, Badra, who helped me for grammar and suggestion and everything else. and also the person who I abandoned to face the debate alone 🙂


// #WTF16 //


I don’t even know where or how to start.

I went to We The Fest on weekends. Yes, for 2 days. And I was soaking wet for those days because it was raining so hard. There was lightning. The ground was so muddy and disgusting. Audience > shelters. It was irritating.


Despite the bad weather and the overprice food++++, it was so fucking awesome. WTF gave the best kind of festival I could actually dream of. Maybe not the venue, I wish it had more grass and looked “greener” but HEY IT WAS ACTUALLY OKAY AND COOL. WTF wasn’t a music festival I can say, it was an art festival. There were art exhibitions, music, and also cooking shows. Some people from the crew also dressed up as something. Someone was using the horse mask thing and it was so hilarious. There was Pikachu too!! So kawaii!!

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Day 1 with Mila & Sasha
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Day 2 with Anissa

Honestly, what I really wanted to see was only Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Temper Trap, & the 1975. Also Mark Ronson actually, but well not really. I never heard the rest of them, except for the local bands which I’m not really into. Because I was with my friends, hence, I saw the other performers. Rich Chigga, Sam Feldt, Purity Ring (for a moment). Also Breakbot on the second day.

As I said, I’m not into local bands, but asdfghjklzdc tHEY WERE SO GOOD! Dried Cassava & Sheila On 7 was good. Sadly it was quiet for Dried Cassava because their show was one of the first shows on the second day. Oh, my fave was NAIF! Surprisingly that their songs are my fave Indonesian songs! HAHAHA I know, shame on me. I can say they’re old but they still play so gooood, so fucking pleasing


How about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? The Temper Trap? and the 1975 especially?

No. I won’t describe it. So difficult when you end up getting PCD (post-concert depression).

Anyway, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was on day 1 and I had no struggles cause I was fine just to see them from far away. We originally went to WTF in a group of 9, but it was just the 5 of us who saw them, but then we got separate and I was just with my concert buddy, Mila. We didn’t watch the whole show because we were too tired. The things that we actually wanna see was only them singing Thrift Shop, Same Love, and Can’t Hold Us. I know, shame on me again. But the performance was so amazing, Macklemore was funny. He made up some stories that were related the songs he was going to sing.

The other two? I’m just gonna leave it hanging for you guys. What happened basically was:

  1. Waited since 4 o’clock for them (there was Naif, Sheila On 7, and Breakbot),
  2. Hence, got separated from the group again. I was just with Asya,
  3. Also soaking like hell,
  4. Couldn’t stop being shaky since The Temper Trap,
  5. Cried on “Somebody Else” and almost on “Sex” and “A Change of Heart” too,
  6. Almost broke my phone and camera,
  7. and PCD happened.


the 1975 #WTF16

p.s.: Here’s a picture of the only person who is pleasing when he smokes.

Matty Healy


// Lari, Warna, dan Hiburan //

Di mulai dengan warna kuning dan di akhiri dengan warna merah, Color Run tidak pernah mengecewakan. Hari Minggu kemarin aku berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan Color Run, the most popular happiest 5k. Tahun ini mereka memiliki tema yaitu Tropicolor, di mana nuansa warna-warna lebih ke warna tropical (kuning, hijau, orange dan biru).

Pada setiap pos, mereka selalu memberikan warna yang berbeda-beda yang membuat kita sangat berwarna diakhirnya. Oh ya, sebelum lari tentu kita mendapatkan race-pack. Hal paling menarik buatku adalah mereka memberikan pouch plastik untuk menyimpan gadgets and some money, dan juga sunglasses dengan warna yang berbeda-beda (aku mendapatkan warna biru!!). In the end too we gain something. Kita mendapatkan sebuah medali juga color powder. 

I would suggest you should bring your friends or family to add some more happiness!! You ain’t need to run for real, though, just go have some fun! Cause it’s 100% the happiest 5k in the world, especially for those who loves to run & colors!

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