// Poetry № 5 //

From February 1st 2017

apa kata mereka jika semua ini hanyalah sebatas khayalan?

jika semua hanya bayang-bayang dari imajinasi dan keinginan,

“guratan dan ilusi ini hanyalah imajinasi para pemberontak yang hanya bisa menari diantara hujan”



// Poetry № 2; Not in the Same Boat //

From February 14th, 2016.

I made improvements from the original one. 

As time goes,

one will go on,

and one will suffer.

One who keep trying to move on,

indifferent seeing the other.

The one who still need time,

who is still absorb with the past,

while the other is ready to move.

And it drifts apart,

away from one another.

One who floats,

one who sinks.

Guess we’re not in the same boat anymore