// Dera-uno //

This trip might be a while ago but I’m going to share it anyway cause it was a great time.

Back in December, precisely after Christmas, I took a flight with my fam to Kalimantan Island, precisely to Balikpapan early in the morning. From Balikpapan, we took another flight, using a smaller plane, to Berau. No, we’re not there yet. We took a one-hour-drive to the public harbor. Then we rode a speedboat to Derawan, our main destination.

Derawan may be a tourism site, but there are still lots of local people and the site is still very traditional. It’s not like you are going to find any fine dining restaurant there. But don’t be disappointed because they still have great food and fantastic coconuts.

The first day I just snorkeled with my cousin, unplanned. We were asked to snorkel just to take a picture of a sea turtle. So, we jumped off the deck without fins and snorkels, only with a camera. That was a huge mistake cause how are we suppose to see? But soon, my parents gave us the fins and snorkels.

The real trip was on the second day. We traveled around the three islands nearby Derawan, which are Sangalaki, Kakaban, and Maratua. It was great. I couldn’t describe everything.

Our first destination was to see manta rays or probably snorkel nearby them. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found.

We snorkeled with jellyfish, jumped for 2 meters height from a cliff, played with baby sea turtles and went to a beautiful lagoon. I couldn’t describe everything in words. It was really great and the lagoon was so beautiful. Thank god the weather was great that day.

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Lagoon at Kakaban Islan, Kalimantan, Indonesia

The next day, it was okay in the morning. We got a chance to snorkeled and saw the huge shark whale. It was a whole new experienced and awesome. But right after we snorkel, it was raining, heavy rain. We were stuck inside our room and my mom, bro, and I canceled our diving trip. It was so bad. Fortunately, the rain didn’t last the whole day. At the afternoon, we rented bikes and went around the island.

Well, despite the bad weather, it was an amazing trip. And you can check all the photos on my vsco!




pikiran 11:05, dua.

It has been 2 months since short getaway to Singapore and 5 months since the #soloadv. to the United States. Oh, how I miss the holiday.

Right now, I’m in the middle of final exams week. Probably just starting, but this body need a rest after all the hectic weeks it been through since September. All the competitions I participated in, made me work harder on catching up all the school projects, tasks, and tests. Despite the hectic and exhausting weeks, it gave me a whole new level of experiences and new friends. High Scope Model United Nation was the highlight of the hectic weeks.

Still, I really need holidays. I need time to rest and to chill without doing any tasks. Just enjoying the things I love to do; a time to read books, drawing, and finishing all the DIYs that I couldn’t finish all this time. I miss getaways; to other cities or visiting new places; trying new food and other things.

Oh! And how I miss the sea, a lot. I miss the quietness of the underwater world; the peaceful moment that I can only get when I dive.

Tari Kecak, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia, 2013.


p.s.: I know it seems the pic doesn’t relate with anything I share, but well it does. It’s Uluwatu, Bali 3 years ago when I had my Christmas & New Year holiday with my Brazilian sister.


Will You Have This Dance?

Recently I made a playlist called ‘Will You Have This Dance?’ on spotify. This playlist consists songs that I will always dance to alone, or in groups. It can be a group of friends or family. Also, some song that I would like to dance with my dance partner, if I had one. I may add some more songs, but at the moment please do enjoy!! ❤


pikiran 11:05, satu.

I thought it was another despair story,

but then I realized it’s just the reality.

It is not an illusion, it is the truth.

I always wondering what happen if I move, if I change,

or if I leave.

Tapi kenyataan mengutukku. Menjadikan aku yang selalu ditinggalkan.

Ditinggalkan memori


dan manusia.

Aku berubah, atas semua perjalanan dan pengalaman ini.


I never move.

I never leave.

But one day I will.

“In California never felt like home to me,
in California never felt like home”


// Behind the Art, Behind the Writings //

Hello! I’ve been off for a while because it has been quite hectic the past few weeks. There’s this event a while ago that I attended that I feel to write right now.


Back on 28th of August,  I went to an exhibition at Komunitas Salihara, Pasar Minggu, by one of the local artists who is also an entrepreneur, Melissa Sunjaya. She’s the owner of a brand called ‘Tulisan’. This exhibition was a tribute to Indonesia’s favorite poet, Chairil Anwar, and it was called ‘Bio-Fantasy: A Tribute to Chairil Anwar by Melissa Sunjaya’.

Every inch artwork inside the exhibition was by her. She wrote on how she felt about Chairil Anwar and his works. What’s interesting was that she wrote it on plywood walls, consisting research about his works also her works to find the relation. Melissa also made illustrations for 5 of Chairil’s poetry, which one of them was the famous ‘Aku’ poetry. Her artistic handwriting really supported her work which made it more interesting and pleasing.

The highlight of the event was that behind her work of art, through a red film lens, we can see a line from Chairil’s poetry. There was 75 abstracts work by her that has lines from every single poetry by him. It was a very pleasing and interesting way of holding an exhibition or a tribute.


you can check out more photos on my vsco