// Short Getaway to the Island of Gods //

It has been a while since I visited Bali. It was 4 years ago since I came to the Island of Gods and it had changed a lot.

Recently, I went to Bali with my school when the 12th graders were having their national exams. The trip last in 5 days and 4 nights, it was enough to explore some holy and sacred places I never visit before.

There were several places that we visited, such as Bali Bird Park, Tirta Empul Temple, Panempahan Village, Gunung Kawi Temple, Soekarno’s Museum, Nusa Lembongan, Kampung Kopi Kemenuh, and Penglipuran Village.

My favorite places out of all destinations we visited are Tirta Empul Temple, Gunung Kawi Temple, and Panempahan Village. The culture from these places is protected very well which makes these places feel more holy and sacred. People who come to the temples in Bali respect what the people of Bali believe in, where they must wear a sarong to cover their body parts from hips to toe.


Purifying Bath at Tirta Empul Temple, Bali, Indonesia


We also actually did stay for one night in Panempahan Village. We learned some of their handy crafts and I got the chance to learned to make a decoration for their upcoming ceremonies. Also, to take a closer look on how they carving cow’s skull. Late at night, the chief thought us one of the most popular Balinese dance, Kecak. It was nice if everyone actually did participate.


Cow’s Skull Carving at Panempahan Village, Bali, Indonesia


This trip made me miss Bali so much and wish I could return sooner, as I was avoiding to come to this place back then because of the crowd and traffic. I regret it now and wish I could come back here sooner for diving.

Check out for the rest of the pictures on my vsco! 🙂